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About Us


Shreepati is the largest wholesaler & distributor of IT Products like Memories (Destop, Laptop & Server), Pen Drives, SSDs, Mobile Cards, SD Cards and Card Readers. We are the NATIONAL DISTRIBUTER of entire range of KINGSTON products. We have been successfully serving our people from the past 10+ years. Our activity does not end by just selling the product but rather starts after selling.

About Shreepati

Shreepati was founded in the year 2000, by visionary entrepreneurs brothers Mr. Ashok Jain and Mr. Surendra Jain. Shreepati, From single office it has many folded to many branches in the entire country. It would not have been possible without the sheer and consistent efforts and his big vision to make the company grow. Shreepati today covers the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent through its networks. What sets Shreepati apart from other distributers is its single minded focus towards expansion and their hard work into the interiors of India. Shreepati not only sells products but believes in providing value added support and great interpersonal relationships, its principals to its customers. Started as a distributor for Kingston in north India for the wide range of DRAM and FLASH products it continued to add the best class products to for its customers and covered the entire spectrum of it components.

Shreepati has positioned itself into a unique niche segment in the market as a focused distributer in the fastest growing IT market in the World.

What we offer, apart from JUST SELLING:

(1). World class customer support
(2). Quality components
(3). Engineering expertise
(4). Free technical support
(5). Reliable warranty
(6). 100% genuine products